About Neath Port Talbot CBC

Neath Port Talbot Council exists to serve and represent the interests of its citizens and communities. We strive to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of all of our people.

  • We want our county borough to be a place where everyone has an equal chance to get on in life – a place where people want to live, learn and work and bring up their family.
  • We want our beautiful natural environment, and our rich cultural and industrial heritage to be appreciated and protected for many future generations to enjoy.
  • We also want to pursue new and existing opportunities for economic growth so we can sustain our diverse communities for many years to come.

We have a good track record of delivery, even within a context of funding reductions of circa £110m over the past decade. We’d describe ourselves as ambitious, with strong forward momentum, and we have the confidence of both the Welsh Government and our extensive network of partners.

Performance in our core services of education, social services, environmental services and the regulatory services continues to be generally sound – an impressive achievement given the enormous cuts that have been made to Council budgets. However, performance compared to other local authorities in Wales has declined across a range of indicators.

The Council is experiencing similar pressures to those of other councils as the resident population ages; more people are in need of intensive support; welfare reforms impact; there is government pressure to increase recycling rates at pace; the main infrastructure of the area requires investment; digital technologies are changing citizens expectations; and levels of deprivation continue to place high demands on some services.

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